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Pokémon Go players will adore the simplicity of the Go-tcha wristband device for auto catching Pokémon while out and about in any location. Playing Pokémon Go is a breeze with the Go-tcha wristband, as you can auto pick up Pokémon wherever you happen to be or if you're out driving and the device buzzes when it locates a Pokéstop.

The wristband is quite similar to the Pokémon Go app, in many ways, but just has the added benefits of being totally hands free when in auto mode

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About Go-tcha for Pokémon Go

Pokéstop auto spins will occur if the user is travelling at a normal speed, generally a speed that's suitable for spinning a Pokéstop when in general operation mode. Drivers will need to be travelling around 10mph to auto spin Pokéstops and they will definitely find that Pokéstops won't auto spin if they are travelling at 30mph or above.

The Go-tcha for Pokémon Go was created by Codejunkies and this Go-tcha wristband is very similar to Pokémon Go in the way it operates. It just doesn't need the user to keep the button pressed down, so it can be much more convenient for many players.

When operating the Go-tcha it is possible to instruct for auto-attempts to capture Pokémon. In this mode, one Pokéball is thrown at any Pokémon that's within range. If the Pokémon gets away or the Pokéball misses, the auto function moves on to Poké Great Balls and if this attempt is unsuccessful the device moves on to Ultra Balls.

Pros of Go-tcha

How to operate Go-tcha

After purchase, when you first take your Go-tcha out of the box, you will need to charge the device. You can only charge Go-tcha when it's not connected to the wristband. When your device is charged it will display the Go-tcha icon on the screen.

Once completely charged you can fit the device into the wristband and use the little red control button to scroll through the commands. When you access the phone icon you can connect your Go-tcha to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Using your Go-tcha is just a matter of setting the device to catch Pokémon automatically. The device is also set to automatically buzz when it goes past a Pokéstop, although you can change this setting and remove the buzzing noise, if you prefer. Some of the settings you will find on the Go-tcha device include the Pokéstop icon, catch a Pokémon icon and catch unknown Pokémon icon.

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